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Großer Preis von Baden

The Großer Preis von Baden is a Group1 flat horse race in Germany which opens to 3-yr-old fillies. Run at Iffezheim International racecourse in Baden-Baden over 2,400 metres the Großer Preis von Baden takes place every year in September.

List of German Flat Horse Races

We've compiled a list of notable flat horse races which take place annually in Germany under the authority of Deutsches Derby.

Flat Horse Races: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3.

History of German Horse Racing

Horse racing in Germany
The Deutsches Derby is a Group 1 flat race in Germany the event is similar to a version of the Derby Stakes however the Deutsches derby was originally restricted to German bred horses only. For the most part Deutsches derby has been held at Grunewald, Munich, Hoppegarten, Cologne.

The Großer Preis von Baden is Germany's most prestigious horse racing and is held every year in September in Baden-Baden on the Iffezheim racecourse. Ifeezheim is a particularly charming racecourse with stunning views of black forest; situated about 8 miles out of the central town near the small village of Iffezheim.

The Großer Preis von Baden is a flat turf race and over time has opened up to international competitors. Iffezheim International racecourse, one of the finest racecourses in europe stages horse racing 3 times a year this trio of race meets make for a memorable experience there are two much-publicized festivals in Iffezheim racetrack. The 'Grand Week' and the 'Spring Festival' are hugely successful, with over 160 000 visitors and tote revenue a staggering 20 Million Euro. The festivals both consist of 6 race days, with an average of 9 races being run per day.

German Horse Racing Terms

Before betting on races such as the Großer Preis von Baden held at Iffezeim racecourse, it is imperative that you know the horse racing terms used by the Germans. In order to familiarise yourself with the betting terms we have created a page with the most commonly seen German Horse Racing Terms.


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